Please allow for a minimum of six (6) weeks for Vending approval. Requests are subject to space availability.

Leasing space on Stephen Avenue Walk or Barclay Parade is an incubator for new and emerging businesses.Yoiu have the ability to ensure future growth and success of your business, while providing an opportunity to gain exposure and profits. You will have access to thousands of customers which helps businesses  with limited time and/or financial investment constraints. There are many locations along Stephen Avenue Walk or Barclay Parade that are available. 

Space is a maximum of 10’ x 10’ per leased space and can be leased daily, weekly or monthly. The leased space is available 7 days a week between the hours of 6am – 6pm.

Please ensure to fill out all required information. Allow 6 weeks for vending approval.

Vendor Application

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I am applying for: July & August - Unlimited
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* Please note that Food Trucks are not permitted on Stephen Avenue

If you selected tent, be aware that all vendors are required to use Downtown Calgary Branded tents and will assume responsibility for them over the course of the permit. We will require a $500 deposit cheque for the tent rental. We also supply white linens, included in tent rental cost, should you need them. Please check what you will provide below:

Linens (Must be white)  
Other items to describe your site set up (including furniture, linens, and signage):
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Number of vehicles required to set up/tear down: *
Do you have an additional branded vehicle on site?: * Yes   No
Please note that there is no parking on Stephen Avenue, vendors are responsible for finding their own parking. Violators may be fined. No vehicles are permitted on the mall between 10:30am to 2:00pm.
Can you include a professional reference?: * Yes   No
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Acceptance of this application by Calgary Downtown Association does NOT constitute approval nor does it guarantee location.

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Terms and Conditions

I have read the "2018 Vendor Package" and understand its contents and what is expected of me, as a vendor, on Stephen Avenue Walk. I agree to the conditions stated in the booklet.

Artisans. In order to receive the discounted price, you must be the original creator of the products you intend to sell.

I have read the "2018 Vendor Package" and understand its contents and what is expected of me, as a vendor, on Stephen Avenue Walk. *