Please allow for a minimum of six (6) weeks for Activation approval. Requests are subject to space availability.

Are you interested in doing an activation on Stephen Avenue Walk?  With thousands of people on the walk daily, it is ideal for new and emerging businesses.You have the ability to grow your business and have the opportunity to gain exposure and profits. There are many locations along Stephen Avenue Walk or Barclay Parade that are available. 

Space is a maximum of 10’ x 10’ per leased space and can be leased daily, weekly or monthly. The leased space is available 7 days a week between the hours of 6am – 6pm.


Please ensure to fill out all required information.  Allow 6 weeks for activation approval.

Special Event Online Application

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Terms and Conditions

The applicant agrees to assume responsibility for any damage as a result of event activity and will cause no interruption to the business and pedestrian enjoyment of the malls, except as authorized by Calgary Downtown Association.