Cycling is a great way to get around! Find more information on the in-progress inner-city cycle network and Calgary's extensive bike and pathways.

Alternate Transportation


The City of Calgary has some of the most extensive path and bikeway networks in North America linking all areas of the city together. For the complete map, please view the complete map here.

To further build on the connectivity of the bikeway network, on July 2013, the City of Calgary opened the first separated downtown cycle track on 7th Street SW linking the Peace Bridge and river pathway to 8th Avenue SW. For cyclists interested in how to use this lane, see this PDF.

As of June 2015 the City of Calgary has begun a cycle track network pilot project. Cycle tracks are now open on 5th street SW and 8th avenue SW including a cycle/pedestrian shared space on Stephen Avenue between 1st Street SE and 3rd Street SW. For more information on the network map visit


There is a variety of taxi stops located in the downtown core. They are a common gathering place one should keep in mind when scouting out transportation.

Key locations:

Hotel stops: Marriott, Hyatt, and Westin.

Taxi Stands: New Late Night Taxi Zones have been added to Stephen Avenue in front of key nightlife locations. For more info visit the City of Calgary.


While Shaw Millennium Park is a great place to catch some air, certain forms of vehicles like rollerblades, scooters, longboards and skateboards are not allowed on sidewalks or private property. Please check the City of Calgary website or call 3-1-1 for more information regarding these restrictions.