Our 'Off The Wall' team spends their summer removing thousands of tags, stickers, spray paint and illegal posters from walls, buildings, and anywhere else they show up.

Off the Wall

In partnership with the City of Calgary's Centre City Plan initiative, the Calgary Downtown Association (CDA), 17th Avenue, 4th Street, Kensington, Inglewood, and Victoria Park operates the Off the Wall program to remove and reduce graffiti in the inner city.

Off the Wall maintains the cleanliness of our communities through the removal of graffiti from public and private buildings. A joint effort to remove tags, stickers, and posters at street level helps combat future graffiti crimes. The designated areas our teams target are the participating BIAs (Business Improvement Areas).

The graffiti removal program operates from mid May to the end of August, making it an appealing opportunity for post-secondary students. Please complete the Graffiti Removal Permission Form and submit it by fax (403-265-1932) or email it to have our team remove graffiti from your property.

If graffiti happens on your building during the program's off-season or in another part of the city, please contact the City of Calgary's Private Graffiti Abatement Program.