Modern Steak

107 - 10A Street NW
Reservation Line: 4036706873
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This is not the steakhouse of the past, its what a Steakhouse can be.

​Modern Steak joins two concepts into one - a modern steakhouse and cocktail lounge. A stunning space connected by an open floor to ceiling 40ft atrium that connects two different levels. The upper level is pure dining in the most “modern” sense, the lower level is a full bar & lounge that fades into an energetic dining room. Lights illuminate each table, while strategically placed mirrors allow patrons to catch a glimpse of the surroundings while personally hand-selected music creates a comfortable yet energetic vibe throughout the entire space.

Four key pieces separate us from a traditional steakhouse.

1) We only serve ranch specific Alberta Beef. That means we don’t serve beef from anywhere else on the planet. We know our farmers and ranchers personally and respect the hard work they put into produce our beef. We like our beef to be, hormone & antibiotic free and pasture raised. Happy cattle make for better steaks.

2) We are one of just a handful of steakhouses in Canada that serves, Grass-fed, Grain-fed, Wet-aged, Dry-aged and Waygu beef 365 days a year. Our beef is always fresh never frozen.

3) We use an 1800o Infrared Grill to cook your steaks. Our grill stays at very consistent high heat versus a traditional open flame grill. The high heat creates a flavourful crust on outside of the steak and leaves a juicy centre.

4) Our decor is warm and modern. The tradition has always been dark wood, leathers and a muted palate for a steakhouse. We broke the mold and decided to add hand selected music that reflects us! We’re more like Jay Z and less like Sinatra.

Supporting Local Farm and Artisans

Modern Steaks commitment to quality is evident in the local Alberta Beef Menu. The result is perfectly marble-ized tender beef with a rich depth of flavour. Modern also features only the best local farm produce and artisan cheese makers located in Alberta and Western Canada.

Tuesday to Sunday 5pm to Close

Course 1

Smoked tomato bisque, cheddar cheese crostini, basil oil

Recommended Wine Pairing

Day Dreamer, Amelia Syrah, Okanagan Valley (3oz.)

Course 2

Wagyu skirt steak, chefs side, seasonal veg

Recommended Wine Pairing

Day Dreamer, Jasper Bordeaux Blend, Okanagan Valley (3oz.)

Course 3

Chocolate ganache tart, coconut milk, dark chocolate, white chocolate chantilly, almond florentine, raspberry coulis

Recommended Wine Pairing

Graham's LBV Port (1oz.)