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Beat feet! Downtown Calgary is home to the iconic Plus 15 pedestrian system (all 16 km of it), as well as the largest pathway network in North America.


The downtown core is home to the largest expanse of walkways in North America. The Plus 15 pedestrian bridges stand 15 feet above street level giving its coined name. It accounts for 16 kilometres of a climate-controlled network of walkways.

During the blistering winter months, this system enables travel between office towers, retail centres and many parking lots within a 50-block area.

Navigating through the Plus 15 systems can be daunting; luckily pedestal maps can be found throughout the pedestrian walkways. The maps are an easy to follow animation leading visitors or frequent users around the downtown core effortlessly.

Download a +15 PDF map or call the Calgary Downtown Association at (403) 215-1570 for your free printed copy.

In the summer months, Calgarians get to enjoy the numerous outdoor walkways in the city's core. One of the more popular spots is Prince's Island Park.  The park hosts several festivals and performances. These pathways are a paradise for joggers, cyclists, rollerbladers, and walkers alike. The path winds throughout the park and alongside the Bow River, and acts as a great escape from the office for the lunch hour.