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Learn more about recycling and food and yard waste requirements for businesses and organizations. Check out the tools and resources available to help you get started.

Calgary businesses and organizations are major contributors to the waste going to City landfills. Nearly all of the garbage coming from businesses and organizations isn’t garbage at all – it’s items like paper, cardboard and food that can be recycled or composted instead.

Between now and 2020, The City of Calgary is making changes to the way businesses and organizations handle their waste.

Businesses and organizations now required to recycle

Since November 1, 2016, the Waste and Recycling Bylaw requires all businesses and organizations in Calgary to recycle the same materials we do at home, plus scrap metal, clear plastic film and untreated wood. For more details, please visit

Food and yard waste bylaw changes coming in November

Effective November 1, 2017, the Waste and Recycling Bylaw will require all businesses and organizations to separate food and yard waste from the garbage for composting or diversion. To comply with this bylaw, the property owner is responsible for the following:

·       Collect and store food and yard waste separate from garbage or recyclables.

·       Ensure the separated food and yard waste is taken for composting or another means of diversion.

·       Post clear signage on collection containers showing what goes in each bin.

·       Provide information to new tenants and annual reminders to existing tenants and occupants, including:

o   What food and yard waste materials can be collected, and

o   How to prepare and sort food and yard waste materials.

Businesses have the flexibility to choose the food and yard waste collection company that best suits their needs and decide how to manage the service. For more details and the list of food and yard waste materials, please visit

Check out City tools and resources

The City is providing education and resources to help businesses get started, including how-to guides, signage and information about choosing a collection company. City staff are also available to talk to your business about recycling or food and yard waste bylaw requirements.

Visit for tools and resources to help you set up your recycling or food and yard waste program.

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What other changes are coming?

These bylaw requirements are part of a series of changes that will help Calgarians divert 70 per cent of waste from our landfills by 2025. Between now and 2020, The City will also introduce a landfill ban on paper and cardboard, increase landfill fees for food and yard waste, and eventually introduce a food and yard waste landfill ban.

Learn more about the overall waste diversion strategy for businesses and organizations and when City of Calgary initiatives will take effect.

For more information, please email or call 311 and reference 'business recycling'.