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Information on the West Eau Claire Park Tree Removal

The West Eau Claire Park project started in 2014 with a robust engagement process and will now materialize into a new place for Calgarians to move, reflect and explore. The design of the park includes:

Flood mitigation to protect downtown Calgary

Improved separated pathway system for both pedestrians and cyclists

The addition of informal and formal gathering spaces.

Construction begins in June 2017, and is expected to be complete in 2018.

Tree Removal

Approximately 70 trees will need to be removed for the West Eau Claire Park project to accommodate flood improvements that will protect downtown Calgary and pathway improvements in the area. Because these trees are found in manicured areas (not natural areas), we have developed a tree compensation plan that will replant two trees for every tree lost in order to replace lost tree canopy. For more information on trees in the city, please visit

Tree removals will begin the week of June 12, and the replacement trees will be planted in the closest suitable location to replace the impacted trees.

Because there are some large mature trees being removed, we can use some of the impacted trees for fish compensation projects The City is working on. Some of the impacted trees will be used to help create fish habitat lost during the 2013 flood recovery work. Visit for more information on that project.

Project information

Please visit or contact 311 (24 hours a day, seven days a week) with any questions or concerns about the project.