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The City of Calgary has launched a city-wide campaign to educate Calgarians on the impact of cigarette waste on the environment and our city. Let's work together towards a clean, safe and vibrant city!

Keep Calgary clean with #ButtFreeYYC

Recently, publications such as National Geographic have identified cigarette butt waste as the world's number one litter problem and the proof is visible in cities like ours.

Discarded cigarette butts are more than just an infraction of City bylaws, they are also harmful to people and hazardous to our environment, sidewalks, streets, pathways, wildlife and pets. While the city has many systems in plance to help manage waste effectively, the number one solution is Calgarians being responsible when it comes to littering. 

The City of Calgary would like to maintain the standard of cleanliness and safety we work toward together, so they are continuing to ask Calgarians to help create a #buttfreeyyc.

The City of Calgary has a blog that describes the laws around littering, the hazards, and proper disposal and recycling of cigarette butts at Keeping Calgary free of cigarette waste: #buttfreeYYC

For Businesses

If you are an owner or operator of a business in Calgary, #ButtFreeYYC applies to you too. The City of Calgary has provided leaflets on Businesses Show Know: Cigarette Waste Information to help you and your employees understand your role in helping to make Calgary an even cleaner, safe and vibrant city.

Feel free to download their #ButtFreeYYC banner to be posted:

  • On business property, such as storefront windows, entrances, and inside a business;
  • On a business's social media, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook;
  • On a business's website.